The Ultimate Salon Story

The Ultimate Salon & Spa is the Coulee region's premier Aveda Concept Salon and Spa.

Owner Connie Peter moved back home to the La Crosse area in 1994 and brought with her 8 years of living the Aveda mission directly from Aveda's home in Minneapolis. Now, to date, Ultimate Salon and Spa has over 34 years dedicated in delivering the Aveda  Concept Lifestyle and they are proud to have spent the last 25 plus years doing so in the La Crosse area. You have to "be" Aveda to be successful with Aveda, and that takes a great deal of time, passion and commitment. For many salons in the industry, it is a constant search for what seems to be a right product retail line to partner with, but for myself Aveda was the only choice for Ultimate Salon & Spa! In order to achieve the greatest level of success, you must live and breathe what you represent which is exactly what we do at the Ultimate Salon & Spa.

We are thrilled to be adding on to our Ultimate Salon & Spa locations and will be opening in Winona, MN in late fall 2019 and early spring in the Landmark by the Rivers Building in downtown La Crosse! Stayed connected for updates coming soon!

We invite you to stop by for a cup of comforting Aveda tea and a tour of our beautify facility at any time Monday through Saturday. Experience what sets Ultimate Salon & Spa apart from other salons in the area, and how living an "Aveda Lifestyle" could enhance "your lifestyle"!