Connie PETER


I have had the honor, privilege and determination to grow in the salon/spa industry since 1983, and continue to love it more with each given year. As a stylist I have the continued opportunity to express my artistic side and as an owner my role as a leader, mentor and facilitator completes me. I am proud to have an amazing team of talented salon and spa technicians as well as an exceptional director of first impressions team that all focus on making your experience with us "5 Star"! Being Aveda Lifestyle is an honor and privilege that we continue to embrace each and every day, and now has reached a level of even more "WOW" with the addition of our Urban Shoetique! We are the only salon and spa in the area that can truly take care of you from Head to Foot and we hope to have the opportunity to do so if we have not already met you! Experience the Ultimate with the Ultimate Salon & Spa!