The Products You Need for Surviving Summer

Ultimate owner Connie Peter has a theory about hair products: They’re like the seasons. Eventually, the newness wears off. While snow at Christmas might be charming, you’re cursing the cold when you’re still freezing in March. And that hairspray you thought would cause you to forsake all others? Not working quite so well now that the weather’s warm and humid.

Funnily enough, the people who struggle the most with summer hair woes can be found at opposite ends of the hair type spectrum. If you find yourself feeling especially hateful toward the humidity, chances are you either have fine, thin strands that become stringy and lifeless the second summer hits—or curly, coarse texture that does exactly the opposite.

Have no fear—this guide is for you. Think of us as your beauty physicians, here to prescribe the products that can give you a better hair lifestyle





Prepping is one of the most oft-overlooked steps in a hair routine—and it matters this time of year more than ever. Styling your hair without prepping it is like painting a wall without priming, or getting a manicure without using a base coat—sure, you’ll see results, but they won’t be nearly as impressive or long-lasting as they could have been. “The right prep products protect against heat, balance porosity, and amplify the effects of your products,” says Connie.

If you have curly hair and want to keep it that way, look to the Be Curly line. The Style Prep adds moisture and seals the cuticle (read: keeps frizz at bay) without the dreaded crunchy feeling so many pro-curl products seem to leave behind. Style and finish with Curl Enhancer (if you want to intensify curls) or Curl Controller (if you want to lengthen and loosen them).



If you have relatively coarse, thick hair that is naturally straight—or if you’d like to wear your curls that way—and you find yourself fighting the Battle of the Frizz, you’ll follow similar steps, but with different products. We recommend Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line. The organic tapioca in their Style-Prep Smoother protects against humidity for up to 12 hours and helps create a smooth surface that acts as an ideal foundation for the rest of your products.

The Smooth Infusion line offers phenomenal support for every step of the hair styling process, so you can stay faithful to the line with one of their styling products — try Naturally Straight, which utilizes plant-derived fibers to create a locking layer that maintains your straight hair.

Finish with a drop of Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to tame flyaways and add shine and movement, or a spritz of hairspray (we love Aveda Air Control) for extra hold and control






When it comes to fine, thin hair and summer issues, there’s a delicate balance between using enough product to achieve volume and not using so much that your hair is weighed down. It will take some playing around to find a solution, but have no fear—we’ll get you there.

Aveda’s Invati system is typically prescribed for individuals dealing with hair loss, but it can also be a great tool for those born with naturally thin hair. The three step system focuses on the health and wellness of your scalp and will thicken, not just volumize. Bonus: Starting the thickening process with your shampoo and conditioner will allow you to use less product later on.

(Side note: Even Invati can only do so much if length is not on your side. Sometimes, the best way to achieve volume in the summer months is to lose a few inches. If you’ve been considering a chop, now is the perfect time!)



Just because you should go easy on the styling product doesn’t mean you should totally stay away. If you color your hair, Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect is a great option for preventing unwanted fadage or sun-induced brassy tones. If you don’t color, Aveda Pure Abundance Style-Prep adds natural bulk to each strand—and can even be used to refresh your volume on days you don’t shampoo.


We’re also loving one of Aveda’s newest releases, Thickening Tonic. It’s similar to Volumizing Tonic, but like Invati, it truly thickens the hair. If you spray it throughout your hair—not just at the roots—before styling, you will truly notice a difference in the way your hair feels. (Ever wanted to know what it feels like to have a ponytail that’s not the size of most people’s pigtails? This will get you close.)

When choosing a finishing product, stay away from oil-based options, as they will add weight. Instead, try a light hold hairspray—or a spritz of Aveda Sun Veil to add some SPF! (Your hair needs it, too.)



We’re always here to help—we want your hair to look incredible just as much as you do. “If you leave feeling like you can replicate what we’ve done in the salon, then we did our job,” says Connie. “If not, then we’ve done you a disservice.” If these tips aren’t working for you, come on in or give us a call—we can help give you more personalized recommendations to ensure you’re getting the result you deserve.

Now, go out and soak up some sun. Just don’t forget the SPF. 

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